Lifetime Transferable Warranties – Premier Windows & Doors

Premier windows and doors have been in the windows and doors industry since 1986 but the peace of mind of our Lifetime Transferable Warranties is way stronger than that.

Big purchases like windows and doors can make consumers feel quite uneasy. Lifetime transferable warranties, however, can make any second guesses vanish into thin air quickly. Do not settle for less.

We provide all of our customers with warranties that can help them sleep a lot better at night. Our team goes above and beyond to make our customers feel at ease with their purchase choices. Our warranty can provide you with rock-solid protection.

Premier Windows & Doors is a reputable Ottawa company that provides customers with assurances that can make them feel fully confident in their decisions to purchase windows or doors.

So what does this mean? Premier offers lifetime transferable warranty certificates that consider all factors. These in-depth warranties cover any and all flaws and irregularities of hardware or installation. Our installers have years of experience and are fully insured.

In the unlikely event, you have a warranty claim at any time in the future you don’t need to worry. Just give us a call, and one of our representatives will drop in to view and rectify the issue.

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