Understanding Low-E Glass

All About Low-E Glass

Low-E glass is short for “low-emissivity glass.” This glass is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a kind of energy-efficient glass that was specifically created to stop heat from making its way outside via windows. Low E-glass can come in handy for interior spaces that are equipped with an abundance of glass doors and windows. That’s the reason this kind of glass is commonly seen in both sunrooms and conservatories. Low-E glazing offers heat retention benefits. This glazing has the ability to retain heat regardless of how cold temperatures are outside. All our windows carry the energy star rating.

The installation of low-E glass windows can be a great thing for households. Low-E glass window installation can help households feel a lot cozier and more comfortable at all points of the year. It can also greatly minimize monthly energy bills. If you’re interested in custom vinyl windows that are made using low-E glass, Premier Windows and Doors Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario can come to your aid. We specialize in all kinds of useful window and door services here.

What Exactly Does Low-E Glass Do?

This window glass includes a clear metallic oxide or metallic coating that people cannot see. It’s a coating that contributes to a surface that has heat reflection abilities. Although this surface has heat reflection abilities, it still enables light to make its way through. Windows that feature low-E coatings can decrease household energy use significantly. They can also help keep fabric discoloration at bay. People who want to protect their furnishings from unsightly and noticeable fading, as a result, frequently gravitate to low-E windows. Learn more about what is window glazing.

The Ins and Outs of Low-E Glass

Ultraviolet light measures any and all heat that travels via window glass. “U-factor” is another name for this measurement tool. A low U-factor is a good thing. Low U-factors point to glass that’s more energy-efficient. High U-factors, on the other hand, point to the polar opposite. The sun makes this kind of light. This light also creates the heat that people feel inside of their homes. Excessive amounts of this kind of heat can be problematic particularly during the warmer summer months each year. Immoderate amounts can often lead to substantial cooling bill spikes. This is due to the need to attain and maintain cooler indoor temperatures. Low-E glass minimizes the level of ultraviolet light that can access your indoor space. This glass does not obstruct visible heat in any way, shape or form.

Low-E Glass and Wintertime

Low-E glass functions in a totally different way in the wintertime. When temperatures are cold, this glass decreases heat levels that escape via interior windows. This can be highly beneficial for minimizing monthly heating bills. People can choose between numerous different low-E glass categories that are based on their specific cooling and heating requirements and preferences. There are low-E glass categories that can accommodate low, medium and high solar gain.

Application of Low-E

The low-E glass application process varies based on climate factors. Professionals who are based in colder regions generally apply low-E coatings to glass pane interiors. Doing so can help conserve heat. Professionals who work in warmer areas do the exact opposite. That’s because their aim is to stop the heat of the sun from making its way inside. Applying low-E coatings to glass pane interiors can ensure that radiant heat doesn’t travel to the wrong glass side. Radiant heat always needs to stay remain exactly where it began.

Exciting Low-E Glass Perks

The perks of low-E glass windows are plentiful. These windows can make your home a lot more energy-efficient. They, because of that, can lower your energy use and heating bills. Low-E glass windows tend to be more powerful than both standard and single double glazing options as well. If you’re interested in custom vinyl windows or vinyl storm windows that are made using high-quality low-E glass, Premier Windows and Doors Ottawa can cater to you. We specialize in vinyl storm windows and custom vinyl windows in general that are sturdy, attractive and energy-efficient. Don’t settle for a home that’s not as energy-efficient as it could be. You have no reason to sit back and tolerate high monthly energy bills. Contact Premier Windows and Doors Ottawa today for more about low-E glass.