premier-doors-ottawa-unilux-window-closedKEEPING THE WARMTH IN – AND THE COLD OUT

Wood is natural. Since the beginning of time we have appreciated wood as the most ideal of all building materials. Its warmth, noble atmosphere and beauty accompany us in all areas of our life.

With a weather resistant aluminum covering you can enjoy wood’s naturalness without having to maintain the exterior. Aluminum is a natural shield against the elements; and with that we have reached a landmark in window construction.

premier-doors-ottawa-unilux-window-openTHE CHOICE IS YOURS

Choose from three exterior cladding profiles designed to enhance any architectural style.

Wood-aluminum windows, Living Line

Wood-aluminum window line ModernLine

Wood-aluminum window line DesignLine 0.8

Wood-aluminum window line DesignLine 0.7

And for those who are aiming high, our Jumbo Line balcony doors reach up to 3.00 meters (9.8 foot) tall!