Swing-in patio door (out swing available)

Patio Doors and Your Property

Our Top-Quality Sliding Patio Doors boast a combination of beauty, security & energy efficiency. Sliding glass doors allows a generous amount of natural light into your home while reducing energy cost. We offer several Energy Star certified styles from traditional to a more contemporary look.

Your home deserves a top-quality sliding patio door from Premier Windows. If you want to do your residential property a favor, there’s practically nothing that can rival sliding patio door installation. The addition of a sliding patio door can do so much for your living space. Premier Windows and Doors Ottawa offers the finest sliding patio door choices around.

Our sliding patio doors are sturdy, lovely, convenient and modern. They’re accessible in a wide range of powerful and modern materials. Vinyl and wood are two prominent examples. If you want to explore an extensive selection of sliding patio door styles, fabrics, and colors, you can put all of your confidence in us.

Charm and Beauty

The installation of a sliding patio door can make your living space markedly more gorgeous and welcoming. A sliding patio door can provide any interior space with enticing brightness. Sunlight can instantly make any room seem much more cheerful. The relative compactness of a sliding patio door can also make your home look more attractive. Sliding patio doors conserve valuable space in comparison with swinging doors or French doors and as a result look a lot more stylish and streamlined. These sliding doors, highlight the magnificence of the outdoors. If you want to be able to revel in views of your outdoor space, then a sliding patio door can simplify the process.

Swing-in patio door (out swing available)

Lighting Boost

Installing a sliding glass door can create an unimpeded view that penetrates your interior spaces with natural light. Sliding glass door can be convenient for more than just beauty as well. Extra light can come in handy for rooms that simply lack windows. If your living space suffers from a significant window shortage, a sliding glass door can save the day. Natural light can illuminate the interior of your home. It can boost coziness and energy. Lighting that’s natural can even be a great thing for individuals who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). It can save people from the hassles of dim, dark and gloomy interior environments.

Valuable Space Conservation

Conserving space in your home can be terrific for its appearance. Space conservation can be excellent for pure convenience and functionality as well. Additional space can make your home appear and feel markedly bigger and airier. It can give you access to precious storage space, too. Exploring the options that extra space offers can be a pleasure. You can consider introducing a couple of brand new furniture pieces if you want. Thinking about shelving installation can also often be a fantastic idea.


Hassle-Free Child and Pet Monitoring

Raising children is a full-time position. If your kids or pets adore outdoor playing sessions, a sliding patio door can give you excellent peace of mind. That’s because it enables you to supervise them at all times. This can be particularly helpful during the wintertime. Parents shut their screen doors in times of chilly temperatures. If you’re a loving parent who wants to be able to supervise your youngsters and their playtime activities confidently, a sliding patio door can be extremely helpful.

Sliding patio door

Amazing Security Features

Sliding patio doors these days tend to be markedly safer than many other door options that are on the market. These doors often come equipped with a range of exciting and dependable safety features. The majority of these doors are equipped with foot latches that make them much harder for possible criminals to access. People can also choose between diverse and effective features such as security bolts, multi-point locks and beyond.

Better Harmony

Cohesion is essential for any comfortable and modern living space. The installation of a sliding patio door can encourage harmony between your patio and residential space. Outdoor lovers are sure to appreciate that.

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